Preparing for and attending an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) hearing may be a daunting prospect and very expensive. Allow us to represent you at an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) hearing. We have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with SARS (South African Revenue Service) officials and the in depth knowledge that may give you the edge in any potential settlement negotiation.

An ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) hearing is essentially a mini trial without the formal procedures of court in a last attempt effort by both SARS (South Africa Revenue Service) and the taxpayer to resolve a dispute before ending up in court, a place most of us dread.

An ideal ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) hearing will end up in a settlement with parties meeting each other halfway or agreeing that the other is correct. However, it is impossible to negotiate or even to know if you are willing to negotiate if your are not fully aware of the all the options available to you and the technical strength of your argument. While most of us indeed dread the prospect of going to court, it may be worthwhile not to settle on anything less than what you believe to be due. Where you have a strong argument that is strategically well placed, SARS (South Africa Revenue Service) is unlikely to force taxpayers to court.

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