Tax Consulting South Africa has over 65 full-time professionals including specialist tax attorneys, chartered accountants and tax professionals who provide support on complex matters to taxpayers and their professional advisors. We are experts in handling VDP applications while getting the best possible outcome for our clients.

Voluntary Disclosure Relief

SARS allows taxpayers to avoid criminal prosecution and regularise their tax affairs by making a disclosure under the Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP). A successful VDP application allows for an applicant to receive waiver of penalties and to settle outstanding tax liabilities with SARS.   The benefits of a successful VDP application:

  • Regularise tax affairs;
  • Remittance of 100% of understatement penalties;
  • Remittance of 100% of administrative non-compliance penalties;
  • Transfer foreign funds back to South Africa “clean”; and
  • Amnesty from criminal prosecution.

Our Attorneys guarantee Legal Confidentiality and Privilege during your VDP Application 

Any information and consultation exchanged between a taxpayer and his/her attorney carries with it the protection of legal confidentiality and privilege. Our team of attorneys will create a safe and constructive environment to assess risk and provide advice on tax compliance and the corresponding tax implications.

Legal privilege means that SARS cannot compel a tax attorney to supply information relating to communications between tax attorney and taxpayer surrounding legal advice that has been sought on taxpayer’s affairs.

Taxpayers must remember that it is vital that the matter is considered in totality and up-front by an attorney to ensure that legal professional privilege can formally be claimed.

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