Private and Confidential
Legally Privileged


Thank you for contacting us on your possible move from South Africa. We are South Africa’s largest independent tax and immigration firm with more than 100 professionals, and we attribute our success to providing a holistic and one-stop approach, whilst also tailoring our services to the specific needs of our clients. Our services are legally privileged and otherwise governed by the rules of our professional bodies, full details we will gladly share on request. You are thus assured that your information is fully confidential and privileged.


The purpose of this review is that we better understand your specific circumstances as well as that you also start thinking about important aspects, perhaps some which you have not yet given consideration. Even where you do not proceed with our services, you will still find completing the questionnaire valuable in itself. There is no commitment or undertaking on your part by completing this questionnaire, however there may be urgency due to your personal or business situation, or changes in local/international legislation..


The other areas which requires careful planning are financial and tax aspects, both in South Africa and your country of choice. The appropriate motivations and planning for more complex items should commence, should follow a proactive approach. Once we have your completed questionnaire, we can ensure that you receive personal attention by the correct specialist(s).