The Devil Is In The Details: Tax Treaty Residency And The Spectre Of Potential Audit

Jonathan Oppenheimer, the South African billionaire businessman and son of former De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer, has recently seen a victory in the UK tax court in relation to his tax residency status under the South Africa / UK double tax agreement (DTA).

Beware The Ides Of SARS: Telephonic Audits On The Rise

“A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March”. These famous Shakespearean words forewarning the misfortune of Julius Caesar (which Julius Caesar ultimately ignored and led to his demise) may not be as archaic as appears at first sight; especially in the realm of tax, and when SARS’ new “audit strategy” is considered.

Does your tax residency status impact your ability to receive an inheritance from South Africa?

Does Your Tax Residency Status Impact Your Ability To Receive An Inheritance From South Africa?

The finalisation of a deceased estate is in itself a time consuming and frustrating process for South Africans. Further complexity and exasperation is caused when one of the heirs is an expatriate.

Permanent “Load-Shedding” For Non-Compliant Property Practitioners

Property Practitioners, including Estate Agents, Candidate Estate Agents, and Property Managing Agents (“the Agents”), have for years been regulated by the Estate Agency Affairs Act, 112 of 1976 (“EAA”). However, as of 01 February 2022, this era has come to an end, with the enactment of the Property Practitioners Act, 22 of 2019 (“the Act”).

Tax Non-Residency Letter – What To Do When SARS Rejects Your Application?

Tax Non-Residency Letter – What To Do When SARS Rejects Your Application?

The obtaining of a SARS Non-Resident Confirmation Letter is a key part of the tax roadmap for many of our clients. This is where SARS formally confirms that you are non-resident for tax purposes. They run a system and check to make sure that they relinquish their world-wide taxing right, as this is not something […]