Declaration of Cease To Be A Tax Resident

Declaration Of Cease To Be A Tax Resident

On Thursday 3 June 2021, SARS issued its guidance on what ceasing South African tax residency involves, by posting its “Cease to be a Resident” webpage. This is a welcome initiative that may clear up any misconceptions and dispel any advice peddled in the market that this is simply a matter of ticking boxes.

In the Land of the Blind

In the Land of the Blind: Filing Season Causing Anxiety for Cryptocurrency Investors

With filing season fast approaching, it has become abundantly clear that SARS will have its sights set firmly on collecting tax from cryptocurrency activities.

Cryptocurrency Is Either A Power Keg Or Panacea

Cryptocurrency Is Either A Powder Keg Or Panacea: Which Way Will We Go?

During 2020, crypto platforms the world over sailed into the heavens, then plummeted months later. Amid the joys and sorrows experienced by investors, come new concerns about cryptocurrency regulation and what it would mean for South African taxpayers.

No Longer Under The Radar: SARS Puts A Magnifying Glass Over Crypto Exchanges

No Longer Under the Radar: SARS Puts a Magnifying Glass Over Crypto Exchanges

For the past few years, many have speculated on whether SARS would approach cryptocurrency exchanges directly to disclose their customers’ information. Until recently, taxpayers have largely regarded cryptocurrency as something that exists outside of the reach of the revenue collector.

Working For An International Organisation In SA? Get Your Tax Strategy In Place

South African residents who work for international companies inside South Africa need to be sure they have a clear understanding of their tax situation or risk losing out, says Thomas Lobban, Legal Manager for Cross-Border Taxation at Tax Consulting South Africa.