Package Structuring Tool with Flexible Benefits

Introducing Our Web Based PST

Similar to our Excel based tool, the web based application offers full flexibility to client processes, policies and procedures, only with the added advantage of having a single aggregated datasource with real-time reporting and a streamlined, automated delivery mechanism via the familiar web browser interface.

The Package Structuring Tool is a versatile application which may be used to roll out many remuneration processes such as annual salary reviews, employment offers and assisting employees to make informative decisions on the benefits offered by the company. The PST promotes internal understanding of the company’s remuneration design, the support for future business decisions and forms the cornerstone for building the remuneration function to move toward achieving an enhanced Total Reward model within the business.

Our PST lends itself to a complex, fast changing and ever evolving employment environment which increasingly requires real-time feedback, up to date statistics & flexibility to accommodate instantaneous policy changes.

The Web-based PST Process

The typical flexible benefits process within our web-based PST will work as follows:

  • Packages are loaded electronically in bulk and users are notified.
  • User selects via secure web interface from range of options (limited to their level).
  • Notification of User Submissions are sent to Line Managers.
  • Line Manager reviews and approves the user submission electronically.