Are you a match-maker extraordinaire? 

We are looking for a senior recruitment administrator able and willing to perform the full recruitment function and to assist with our talent drive. Training on the recruitment function can be provided, but a clear record of strong administrative skills are required. 

This candidate must: 

  • Love the thrill of the people search 
  • Have an intuitive feel for quality candidates and strong character 
  • Can draft strong targeted recruitment copy 
  • Be able to research and describe job roles accurately and concisely 
  • Can sift through large volumes of CV’s in a methodical way 
  • Be able to compose effective screening questions to limit poor matches 
  • Be able to manage an accurate recruitment schedule of required roles 
  • Have good street smarts and the ability to read between the lines 
  • Have interviewing skills to contribute to the screening process 


  • Excellent Administrator 
  • An understanding of, or eager willingness to learn the recruitment process 
  • Ability to report accurately on weekly recruitment efforts