Conduct a Payroll Audit before it is too late!

The Mid-Term Budget Speech in October 2020 confirmed that SARS is facing a massive budget deficit and has been encouraged to team with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to bring non-compliant taxpayers to book.

This should set off the alarm bells for CFOs, FM’s, HR and Payroll Managers due to SARS’ aggressive tactic to audit company payrolls and impose massive penalties where there is non-compliance. This comes as no surprise as many companies have irregularities and discrepancies in their payroll, due to changes in remuneration structuring and the incorrect application of COVID-19 relief measures.

Our team of seasoned Tax Attorneys, Payroll Specialists and Remuneration Experts have a proven track record of assisting Large corporates and Multinational groups assess their payroll accuracy through a Payroll Audit.