Payroll Review

Absolute payroll accuracy is imperative in any organisation to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations in South Africa.  It is critical that management mitigate risks to ensure there are no tax exposures on their payroll(s).

Our services extend to payroll reviews and audits to assist organisations in attaining complete compliance to tax laws.  Our expertise incorporates employee benefits, employee communication on remuneration and reward and generally providing leading practises and innovation.

We perform payroll reviews of the company’s payroll at a detailed level, to determine the completeness and accuracy of the payroll information, payroll wage-type set-up and whether this is aligned to company policy and bargaining unit agreements (where applicable), Fund rules, various insurance related elements per Insurance company premiums / unit rates, relevant tax legislation and other Statutory Laws

We have in-depth experience on all items relating to employee payroll and we are comfortable that there are no areas of payroll which are too complex to cover.

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Our Approach

We rely on the company to provide us with accurate information on a first-time basis in order be as efficient as possible when reviewing the company’s payroll. The process typically includes –

  1. Data information gathering;
  2. Data consolidation;
  3. Re-calculation and verification of payroll elements; and
  4. Wage type set-up verification.

Outcomes of Payroll Audit

The final deliverables will be provided on the completion of a payroll audit and typically include –

  1. Final Report containing payroll findings, payroll best practice and recommendations;
  2. Excel-based appendix containing the re-computations of all payroll
  3. Payroll wage type set-up and treatment matrix indicating where there are discrepancies; and
  4. Final feedback sessions to present the outcome of the payroll review and verification process.

We offer assistance during SARS Audit

This will include –

  • Reviewing of corporate information requested by SARS and being obtained by your corporate team, ETI information and PAYE additional requests (the one item not requested before);
  • Compiling information in appropriate manner for SARS audit, including performing and / or reviewing reconciliations performed by client, requests for additional information where any prima facie items identified, addressing same and general ensuring of a well-managed and fully compliant providing of information;
  • Attendance to SARS on site visit, thereby ensuring optimally managed process; and
  • Dealing with any additional SARS requests.

Assistance After SARS Audit

After the audit has been completed, SARS will issue a “Letter of Findings” and which will allow the client to respond before any tax assessment is raised. We will be ideally positioned to assist herewith, however, where SARS finds nothing this will not be issued, or SARS may find items which the employer agrees with; in which case limited professional involvement will be required. We will provide detailed scope and costing hereon if-and-when such findings may be issued.