Corporates In The Firing Line!

Large corporates often find themselves on the receiving end of hefty SARS penalties, which, if not paid, will be followed by aggressive debt recovery steps, by any means necessary.

It is not surprising that these penalties are usually disproportional to the offense. However, with the current fiscal shortfall, SARS is leaving no stone unturned.

Irrespective of mistakes, SARS will levy penalties up to 200% of the value of the tax payable and interest of approximately 10% per annum, for non-compliance and, where tax is underestimated, or payment is late, SARS will also levy interest until the total underestimated/underpaid tax is paid in full.

Our team of seasoned Tax Attorneys have a proven track record in engaging SARS head-on and will assist in waiving/remitting your penalties with first-time accuracy.