Update for South Africans in the Netherlands

Live Events | May – June 2024

Amsterdam | 25 and 29 May 2024
The Banking 50 – 1082 MA Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Utrecht | 1 June 2024
Carlton President, Utrecht Maarssen – Carlton President Floraweg 25, 3542 DX, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Comprehensive update on Expat Tax: South Africans working in the Netherlands

South Africans living and working in the Netherlands are one of the more well-informed global “SAFFA” communities when it comes to   South African expatriate taxation  

However, since our last trip in the to the Netherlands, there have been further law changes and additional complexities from a SARS perspective that have come into place.

This has led to many of our existing clients and newer Netherlands expatriates asking us to return once again, to dispel the myths and misinformation that have cropped up among social groups and from unacquainted advisors, and to provide accurate information to ensure the SAFFA community remains well educated and aware of how to remain tax complaint and mitigate their tax exposure in SA.


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