Unsettling times ahead for employee tax and take-home pay

The 2019 election year brings the normal risk of some tax populist decisions, including much higher social grants. This will add to the fiscus’ pressure, desperate for additional tax revenues. Personal income tax, which is mostly collected from employees, is by far the largest contributor to tax in South Africa. The goose which lays the […]

Countdown to the Commencement of the Amended South African Expatriate Tax Law

The announcement by National Treasury and SARS in 2017 that the tax exemption on South African expatriates is set to change, has resulted in the lifestyle of many South Africans, who are employed by companies abroad, to rapidly change from a South African tax liability point of view.

Nugent Inquiry to make further recommendations to stabilise SARS in final report

The Nugent Commission of Inquiry will hand over its final report to President Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday and it is expected to make further recommendations to stabilise the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

International tax: It’s about the company you keep

When in Rome… Following a brief stint in central America to attend an international conference, I was privy to a difference in cultural practice as well as social customs that were to be observed. For example, in Santa Domingo, driving is a bit like organised chaos. If ever you’ve thought the driving and traffic in […]

When it comes to your taxes, don’t drink the water

Down to a “T” I recently had the privilege of attending a tax conference in the Dominican Republic. This involved months of planning in order to ensure a smooth flight, travel and attendance at an international tax event.

Industry pleas for dialogue on capped foreign income exemption

Several organisations have submitted proposals relating to the foreign income exemption for the 2019 legislative cycle. National Treasury is sticking to its amendment to limit the tax-free income South African tax residents earn outside of the country to R1 million. Industry bodies are asking that the cap exclude benefits, which are “a necessity” in some […]

In troubled waters: Tax on the High Seas

Life is better on the sea Sometimes, those who have been living the corporate life decide to leave it all behind for a life working aboard luxury yachts. Some High school graduates take up the mantle of floating on seawater day in and day out in a gap year, but never depart the lifestyle. Either […]

Importers easy targets for unfair VAT treatment

Even the experienced importers are falling foul to failed VAT refund claims and disallowed input VAT deductions. 2018 has been a trying time for South African businesses; from the weakening of the rand, the hike of the VAT rate to 15%, and slow growth rate of the economy. The modern struggle for many businesses, however, […]

Bonang likely to struggle in tax-evasion fight

Once you have evaded paying taxes and haven’t filed tax returns, criminal law will apply to you, warns attorney on the celebrity’s woes. Team Bonang Matheba’s optimism on the outcome of engagements with the taxman on the television personality and businesswoman’s tax woes could come to nothing, a tax attorney has cautioned. Jean du Toit, […]

SARS to impose penalties on non-compliant companies from December

From the 7th of December the South African Revenue Service (SARS) will be implementing their new approach to use information supplied by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) to determine which companies are not tax compliant and impose penalties accordingly.