SARS’ AI-Enhanced Audit Capabilities Wreaking Havoc on Taxpayers

In a world slowly being taken over by AI, the South African Revenue Service has capitalised on this trend, enhancing their Audit capabilities to more than just a “quick count”, but rather proportions beyond anything previously thought possible! Imagine having historically filed all your tax returns on time, making good on your dues to SARS, […]

Choosing Your “A-Team” in Tax Debt Write-Off Negotiations – Protection of Legal Privilege

 Stemming from SARS’ recent Revenue Result Announcement, and the pre-cursors of new compliance and collection initiatives over the last 5 years, Deferrals of Payment and Compromises of Tax Debt are all the market hype! Just the thought of being able to legally reduce your tax debts due to SARS, although sounding like a pipedream, […]