Expat Tax 101 Workshop

International Mobility Group – Expat Tax 101 – 20 February 2019 – 07:00 – 10:00

Have you always wanted to understand, but no-one has fully explained to you properly, the tax treatment of expatriate employees? This is a must-attend session on expatriate taxes, for both the beginner with no knowledge to an intermediary, or even the expert who just wants to sharpen-up themselves and wider team on the fundamental principles, latest best practices and tax laws applicable. The focus of the session is from an employer perspective and will cover the following –

  • Leading practice differences between an expatriate vs. a normal employee;
  • The difference between outbound and inbound expatriates;
  • Best practice tax treatments that organisations use to manage their expatriate population, including tax protection and tax equalisation examples;
  • The law amendments affecting outbound expatriates which come into effect from 1 March 2020, including latest on National Treasury’s feedback on refining the law before implementation;
  • International tax treaty principles and the “183 day rule”; and
  • Tax planning and compliance around expatriate fringe benefits.

The session will be presented by Tanya Tosen.

About Tanya Tosen 

Tanya has over 14 years of both mobility and expatriate tax experience and is one of the few consultants who has worked both as an in-house expatriate tax lead, as well as a specialist consultant, thus understanding both perspectives. Previously from Hatch, where she managed over 150 expatriates in 15 countries including Africa, Europe and the Middle East; she also worked as a tax manager at Deloitte; she is now part of the Tax Consulting team where she specialises in expatriate remuneration structuring and employees’ tax audits. With her largest client having over 1,200 expatriates, she is considered as one of leaders in the area of expatriate planning, compliance and process optimisation.

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