Your feedback is extremely important.

National Treasury / SARS has requested The Expatriate Petition Group (EPG) to urgently share information to allow informed decision making. The EPG has prompted the Parliament Standing Committee of Finance to consult hereon with taxpayers, but we are now under extreme time pressure to make a meaningful supporting submission. We encourage South Africans to gather wide input hereon and remain on point (we can deal with Double Tax Treaty exemptions, Constitutional issues etc. later).

Hard work has gone into getting them to reconsider the change, thus we please request focus, responsiveness and assistance. We have a clear path here, but the opportunity will only bear results where we have extensive feedback to give our submission traction.

Please assist us in gathering the pertinent facts by completing the feedback questionnaire.

Please note that your response will be treated with strict confidentiality and legal privilege applies. Only summary information will be shared with National Treasury and no personal individual particulars.