Transfer Pricing – South African jurisprudence Breaks Ground

In Crookes Brothers Limited v CSARS, the first South African case dealing with transfer pricing adjustments, it was an unpolished contract that handed first blood to the Commissioner. In addition to marking a watershed moment from a South African transfer pricing perspective, this case serves a stern reminder of the importance of diligent contract drafting.

SARS and NPA to Prosecute Taxpayers for Non-Compliance

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has stepped up their mission to reduce a massive tax deficit, by initiating a campaign with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to prosecute non-compliant taxpayers who have failed to submit returns. This was announced in the media release dated 16 April 2018, indicating various court cases covering multiple parts […]

SARS Travel Compensation: Car Allowance or Company Car?

SARS’ new rule: Is travel compensation still worth the chase?

Which is better – company car or travel allowance? It’s a question that regularly plagues both employers and employees. “In light of new SARS requirements for travel reimbursements, it needs to be carefully revisited,” says Jerry Botha, Master Reward Specialist and Executive Committee member of the South African Reward Association (SARA).

SARS Audit: How to Survive And Get Best Outcome

How to survive SARS audits and get the best outcome

For taxpayers who don’t engage with the SA Revenue Service (SARS) correctly, the price is either an unnecessary, drawn-out tax audit process or, if you’re caught, a very large tax bill.