Most accountants or auditors are not as up to date and in tune with tax laws as they would like to be. In addition most accounting/law firms do not have the luxury of having a dedicated tax department as does most of the large audit and law firms in the country.

Jerry Botha is a highly qualified and skilled tax practitioner who has experience working in dedicated tax departments of large big 5 audit firms. His experience includes from performing tax accrual reviews/tax audits on listed companies to writing tax opinions for review by senior counsel

Tax Consulting South Africa have developed a range of tax services to assist accounting firms and/or audit firms without dedicated tax departments to ensure their corporate tax clients obtain up to date and professional tax advice.

In this regard it should be noted that we have a very strict policy not to initiate any direct contact with your clients unless specifically requested to as our aim is to assist you and work with you to ensure accurate and up to date tax advice is being provided to your clients.
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General Tax Consulting

This service is designed to answer any corporate income tax or VAT question you may have on your corporate clients without the need for you to put in hours of research or to incur large consulting fees that erodes your profit margin.

Simple queries attract a fixed fee of R550 (excl. VAT). Complicated queries attract fees based on time spent.

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Second Opinion

As most tax practitioners are aware, providing your corporate client with a tax opinion may save them understatement penalties. However, some tax practitioners that do not have dedicated tax departments in their firms are hesitant to offer tax opinions as they feel that they are not technically enough up to date.

We have accordingly designed a service that allows interested tax practitioners to send us their tax opinions for our technical review, thereby giving you peace of mind that a dedicated tax professional has reviewed your opinion.

We do not co-sign your opinion unless you want us to. We merely review the opinion and provide our technical tax comments on it based on the facts as they are noted in your opinion. Again, in providing this service our aim is to assist you and work with you as we have a strict policy not to initiate any contact with your clients directly, unless requested otherwise.