The corporate tax division of Tax Consulting South Africa provides a wide range of services specifically for corporate taxpayers to assist them in complying with South African tax laws and tax queries from the South African Revenue Services (SARS). The tax legal team, along with Jerry Botha, have several years’ of experience in the tax arena and between them, they have assisted corporate taxpayers in saving at least R3.5 billion in taxes incorrectly assessed or penalties levied.

Corporate Tax Service Offerings

SARS assessment/(ITA34) review
SARS assessment review is designed to assist you as corporate taxpayer in making an informed decision in the best interest of your shareholders on whether or not you should accept an assessment issued by SARS (South African Revenue Service) and therefore raise the increased tax liability for accounting purposes.
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Objection (ADR1/NOO1)/Appeal (ADR2)
An objection/appeal review is designed to ensure you cover all the required grounds for objection and that your objection is valid.
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Objection Outcome Review
It is often difficult to assess whether it is worthwhile noting an appeal against a SARS (South African Revenue Service) disallowed objection. We can assist you by doing an objection outcome review to help you make an informed decision.
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Objection Merits Review
Counsel tax opinion is expensive and hence not accessible to every corporate taxpayer. We can assist you by reviewing the grounds of your objection and providing insight into the merits of grounds and propose additional grounds for objection or perhaps a different strategic approach.
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Allow us to deal with the entire tax dispute on your behalf from start to finish pre-litigation.
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ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Hearing/meeting representation
Preparing for and attending an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) hearing/meeting may be a daunting prospect and very expensive. Allow us to represent you at an ADR (ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION) hearing. We have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with SARS (South African Revenue Service) officials and the in depth knowledge that may give you the edge in any potential tax settlement negotiation with SARS.
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SARS (South African Revenue Service) audit/notification of SARS audit assistance
A SARS (South African Revenue Service) income tax audit is generally aimed at ensuring that you as corporate taxpayer are making the correct adjustments in your income tax computation. These may be triggered by various factors that SARS (SOUTH AFRICAN REVENUE SERVICE) may take into account such as discrepancies between income tax and deferred tax. Dealing with SARS (South African Revenue Service)’ audit questions strategically and accurately will save you as corporate taxpayer as well as SARS (SOUTH AFRICAN REVENUE SERVICE) valuable time.
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Advance tax ruling application merit review
A binding private or binding class ruling application may have a favourable or unfavourable outcome, depending greatly on the strength of the argument advanced.
Contact us to get a second review from a technical tax perspective of the argument on which you base your ruling application and/or whether or not an application for an advance tax ruling is allowed in your particular circumstances.
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Advance tax ruling application
Allow us to draft and submit a binding private ruling or biding class ruling application on your behalf.
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Invalid advance tax ruling applications
An invalid application may leave taxpayers with spoiled costs as well as uncertainty.
Contact us to hear about the other options that may be available to you.
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General questions regarding advance tax rulings
Contact us with any questions you have regarding the advance tax ruling system such as:
– What is a proposed transaction?
– What can I not apply for?
– What are the fees involved with ruling applications?
– What is a non-binding private opinion?
– What is the ruling application process?
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General questions regarding travel allowance
Contact us with any questions you have about travel allowance including information regarding the following:
– Travel allowance tax claim per year
– Travel allowance to be structured into your salary
– Tax planning comparison should you decide on a travel allowance or company car structured
– Tax planning depending on the value of your vehicle and amount of business or private kilometers that you travel
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