Tax Consulting South Africa brings you the Tax Fulcrum, assisting accounting, legal, auditing and other financial professionals to tap into the lucrative tax sphere while at the same time managing their risk, keeping fees reasonable and offering real value. We have developed a mutual cooperation framework nicknamed “Tax Fulcrum” which empowers them to leverage on our expertise to provide:

1. Next Level Tax Dispute Resolution Services
  • Serving notices for summary judgment in the case of SARS not abiding by the dispute resolution rules;
  • Applying for summary judgment from the Tax Court in relation to normal day to day tax disputes;
  • Having a notice of invalid objection set aside by the Tax Court in relation to normal day to day tax disputes;
  • Applying for rescission of SARS’ judgments;
  • Dealing with SARS taking collection steps against a taxpayer where the debt has been suspended under section 164 of the TAA;
  • Tax Court litigation;
  • Appealing to the tax board; and
  • ADR hearing representation.
2. High End Technical Tax Advice
  • Advance Tax Ruling applications;
  • VAT Ruling applications; and
  • Providing tax opinions under section 223(2) of the TAA.
3. Voluntary Disclosure Program Applications
  • Determine whether VDP is available in respect of a client;
  • Apply for VDP relief on VAT, Income Tax and PAYE defaults;
  • Apply for VDP rulings; and
  • Perform exposure calculations for VDP applications.
  • Enhanced tax service offering to your clients;
  • Value added services; and
  • Professional risk management.
How Does It Work?

The Tax Fulcrum is aimed at allowing us and you or your firm to work in cooperation with each other on tax engagements of your choosing based on a fee split principle. The cooperation framework prevents us from:

  • Engaging with your clients directly unless specifically requested to do so;
  • Interfering in any way with the way in which you conduct your business; and
  • Marketing our services to your clients.

In return for tapping into our expertise, we request that where you require specialist tax advice, you turn to us first.

For more information and for joining The Fulcrum please contact us at: