Budget Speeck 2019 - Renewable Energy And Carbon Tax - Key To Eskom's Salvation?

Budget Speech 2019 : Renewable Energy and Carbon Tax – Key to Eskom’s Salvation?

As global warming is increasing rapidly, the world has turned to renewable energy to try and decrease our carbon use and harmful gasses. Global warming might not have been the only reason for South Africa to consider renewable energy- as this topic comes to light with the current Eskom crisis.

Budget Speech 2019 - OECD's Common Reporting Standards Leaves No Place To Hide

Budget Speech 2019 – OECD’s Common Reporting Standard – Nowhere To Hide

National Budget Speech – OECD’s Common Reporting Standard – Nowhere To Hide The Budget Speech is just one of the times where a tax attorney shows their worth. Instead of just reviewing the headlines, a tax attorney should be delving into the budget proposals, current policies and policy adjustments. The need for an in-depth review […]

2019 Budget Speech - Fuel Levy Hike

Budget Speech 2019 : Fuel Levy hike

Freedom of Movement When government struggle to meet its revenue estimates and projections fall short in three of its four main tax revenue instruments, proposals to increase the tax base are raised; and in this year’s budget speech, the Minister has looked to a fuel levy increase yet again.

National Treasury Opens Door For More Discussion on Expat Tax

National Treasury opens door for more discussions on expat tax

National Treasury has invited key stakeholders to a workshop early next month to address continued concerns around the amended foreign income tax exemption.

Provisional Tax 101: What You Need To Know

Provisional Tax 101: What You Need To Know

With the 2018 tax filing season having come and gone, several taxpayers got in contact with us after receiving a nasty surprise on their income tax assessment.