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Retirement Savings Vulnerable to Tax Increases

South African taxpayers now find themselves in unchartered territory with the Presidential Fiscal Committee (PFC). We all know tax increases are on its way, the question is which tax types and by how much. Although this will remain a closely kept secret, many will undoubtedly feel they should have planned better.

The Dangers of Raising the Capital Gains Tax Rate

Although it won’t raise significant amounts of revenue, the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) inclusion rate for individuals could be raised in 2018 as part of various steps to address South Africa’s widening budget deficit.This comes as National Treasury mulls its options for raising roughly R30 billion through tax hikes while also cutting expenditure in the […]

Expatriate Tax Compliance for South Africans Abroad – Step-by-Step

EXPATRIATE TAX COMPLIANCE FOR SOUTH AFRICANS ABROAD STEP-BY-STEP We have received numerous requests from South Africans working abroad for a step-by-step explanation on what should be done to ensure they are fully tax compliant and optimally planned, especially with the pending tax law change. Please note the below is specifically written for South African expatriates […]

Tips for Expatriates – Bringing Money to South Africa

TIPS FOR EXPATRIATES – BRINGING MONEY TO SOUTH AFRICA We receive many questions from South African expatriates abroad who regularly transfer money to South Africa, to support various costs or investments in South Africa. Some do this monthly and others effect larger transfers on a periodic basis. Whilst we are not a foreign exchange provider, […]

International Tax and Double Tax Agreements 101

The application of double tax treaties may very well find application, and is obviously an important part of international tax planning consideration. This is, however, a complex area of tax and application of rules differ between countries. We often see even local South African tax experts getting this wrong, so please just work with caution […]

Expatriate Tax Exemption & Budget Speech Announcement 2017/18 and Social Media Comments

Further to the Budget Announcement on proposed amendment to section 10(1)(o)(ii), the exemption section referred to often as the so-called 183-and-60-day rule; we have seen extensive commentary on social media on the impact of this section. Those who have followed the comments will resonate with the various layman views expressed. The comments have ranged from […]